Twitter? Really? …yes, really.

There are a number of reasons I use Twitter in class, but the most useful is for easy communication. Oftentimes, a good discussion gets cut short at the end of class, and Twitter allows us to carry on the conversation. Or maybe you have a quick question that seems too trivial for an email.

That’s where Twitter comes in. We can easily carry on conversations outside of class, or you can ask me if I’m going to be in my office. Plus, your classmates can answer questions when I’m not online.

Two important things to think about:

1. I follow over one hundred students per semester, so I won’t see everything you tweet. If you want me to see your tweet, you need to “mention” me. To do that, make sure my username is in your tweet: “@ccscottcheney”

2. Use the course hashtag. If you don’t, I won’t immediately know what class you’re tweeting about. Also, your tweet will not be easily organized with the rest of our class tweets. To use the hashtag, just add the one that corresponds with your class: “#E1301MW” or “#E1301TR” or “#E1302MW” or “#E1302TR” or “#E2327TR” …you get the idea.

With these in mind, here’s an example of how to contact me:

tweet example

And finally, here are a couple helpful introductions to Twitter:

For beginners: “Twitter For Beginners: Basic Guidelines Before You Start”
The finer details: “Elements of Twitter Style”


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