Paper Comments

I know you want to find my comments on your papers. Here’s how:

1. Log in to Blackboard (via CougarWeb) and find our course. (If you are having trouble logging in to CougarWeb or Blackboard, please ask a friend or contact the Help Desk.)

2. Once you are logged in to Blackboard, click on My Grades and locate the Paper Assignment about which you are trying to find my feed back.

3. You will see the confirmation page where you originally loaded your paper. You will see your original submission and PDF. To see my feedback on your paper, however, you need to click the small arrow under “Attempt” (see image).

paper comments image 1

4. After you click the attempt arrow, you will see the PDF I attached with my comments on your paper (see below). Please download the file for viewing on a computer (mobile devices will likely not work).

paper comments image 25. After you see my comments, make revisions in the allotted time and revise for a higher grade. Please stop by my office if you have any questions about my marks.


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