ENGL 1302

[This is the class page for our ENGL 1302…please ask Scott how these resources affect you.]

PDFs: Kress and Chute & DeKoven and Barry in Best American Comics 2008

Argument Worksheet
ARP Planning Document

The National Archive
Library of Congress
Collin County Images
Kent State May 4 Collection
SMU Digital Collections
UNT Digital Collections
Harry Ransom Center Digital Collections
UTA Digital Collections
UT Human Rights Documentation Initiative
UT Digital Collections
TAMU Digital Collections

This is just a start…find other collections that interest you by typing the topic and the phrase “digital archive.” For example, try “women’s rights” and “digital archives” to find resources on women’s rights.

[Old content starts here.]

And here are the instructions for signing up to post on our course blog:

1. Check your CougarMail account for an invite from me. (Your login should be the same as your CougarWeb account. Contact the Help Desk if you’re having trouble checking your email.) Also, everyone will not get an email from me at the same time. I will send them out as needed; if you’re in Blog Group 4, please be patient.

2. BEFORE you click the “Accept Invitation” button in the email, go to WordPress.com and create an account. DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG. Please just create a username. See image below:

WP signup username only

3. Now that you have an account at WordPress, go back to your email and click the “Accept Invitation” button. You’ll have to login with the new account you just created. (Keep in mind that the email will not be from my email address.) This is what the email looks like:

WP signup accept


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